Embrace your favorite autumn hue
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With the sharp drop of temperature, Hangzhou is welcoming its most impassioned season.

Let's find out how nature, the most talented artist, uses colors and matches them comfortably during autumn, transforming the city into a fairyland.

Flaming maple leaves and azure skies, evergreen trees and golden paddy fields, a cold breeze in the evening air with dim daylight…the rite of transition from summer to autumn is as spectacular as it is breathtaking.

Save these color cards for your own palette!

Red Maple trees


The Nine Creeks in Misty Forest or Jiuxi Yanshu(九溪烟树)



The Xinsha Island Rose Garden(新沙岛玫瑰园), Lingqiao Town, Fuyang district

Orange Persimmons

Location: The Xixi National Wetland Park

Yellow Sunflowers


1.The Wenwei Village & Xinchuang Village(文伟村、新创村), Hezhuang Street, Qiantang district

2. Next to the West Lake International Golf Course, Zhuantang Street, Xihu district

3. The Angfan Village Agriculture Expo Park(昴畈村农博园), Lianhua Town, Jiande City



1.The Slow Life Block at Xianghu Lake Finance Town, Xiaoshan district

2.The Jiangnan Ancient Village, Tonglu county

Ginkgo Trees


1.The Zhinan Village, Lin'an district

2.The Daming Mountain, Lin'an district

Pink Muhly grasses


1.The Longmen Ancient Town, Fuyang district

2.The E-fashion Town, Linping district

Purple Sages


The Jiangcun village(江村), Lishang Town, Chun 'an county

Author: Zhu Jingning  Editor: Ye Lijiao