Hangzhou senior women enjoyed paper quilling
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-10-08 16:10   Source: Daily Business

On October 7, over 20 senior females under the leadership of Ms. Ye (an expert in paper quilling from Caihe Sub-district, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou) experienced the ancient paper quilling art by using colorful paper stripes to make blooming peonies, flying butterflies, mascots of the Asian Games and other vivid scenes. 

It is said that paper quilling is a handicraft originated from British royal family. Also known as paper rolling, paper quilling completes paper creation through a series of maneuvers, including rolling, pinching, kneading, cutting and stacking. As a combination of the colorful expression of paintings and the spatial visual effect of sculptures, it is no inferior to any other art forms in artistic expression.

While listening to the tutor’s introduction about history of paper quilling, the seniors merrily imitated the tutor in paper quilling creation step by step. The activity not only enriches seniors’ cultural life, but also helps to inherit the folk art. 

Author: Text by Jiang Xiaowei Photo by Ren Ting   Editor: Ye Lijiao