Know Confucius more through words and letters
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-09-27 16:27   Source: City Express

Confucius has been the symbol of Chinese civilization and Confucianism has exerted influences on Chinese civilization for thousands of years. The annual Confucius Worshiping Ceremony will be held in Xihu District on September 28, the birthday of Confucius. The activity features book fair in Confucian Temple, where visitors can not only search for Confucian works in Shijing Tower of the Imperial College of the Southern Song Dynasty, but can also listen to interpretation of Confucianism by Cai Zhizhong, a master of sinology cartoon, on the site.

During the Song Dynasty, Lin’an (present Hangzhou) was a place with a large number of book stores and flourishing Confucianism. This year’s event includes such reading activities as ancient book fair at Shijing Tower, Exploration Zone at Wenchang Tower, Lectures at Confucian Temple and mobile museum of “Memory of Elegant Song Culture”. Visitors may also learn woodblock printing, stone inscription rubbing, book binding and other techniques from professional teachers assigned by Ancient Books Department of Zhejiang Library on the site at Wenchang Tower in Confucian Temple. 

Apart from books, there are also many interactive games and exhibitions of elegant Song culture-themed creative cultural products. To sum up, it’s a merry activity for you to have an immersive experience of elegant Song culture and a better understanding of Confucianism. 

Author: Text by Pan Zhuoying  Editor: Ye Lijiao