148 treasures displayed at Zhejiang Museum
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Zhejiang has a long history and splendid culture. The unique civilization imprints and the cultural icons of Yue Region constitute an important link in Chinese history and cultural relic landscape. Abundant cultural relics and treasures have been left not only on the local land of Zhejiang, but also around the country and even all over the world. 

“Ode to Yue - Zhejiang Legend of Chinese Cultural Relics” Exhibition will be held at Wulin Branch of Zhejiang Provincial Museum from September 20 to November 30. The exhibition displays representative cultural relics with Zhejiang elements unearthed from ruins and tombs around the country, and 148 pcs (sets) of cultural relics collected by 40 archaeological and cultural institutions and museums enable the audiences to have a glimpse of Zhejiang legend of Chinese cultural relics.

Exhibition Information:

Time: From September 20 to November 30, 2022

Place: Temporary Exhibition Hall, Floor B1, Wulin Branch of Zhejiang Provincial Museum

Author: Reporter: Shen Yanrong Correspondent: Li Tianyi  Editor: Ye Lijiao