Pengbu Bridge across Qiantang River to open
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-09-21 15:51   Source: Hangzhou Daily




As the key control node of Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway Reconstruction Project, the newly completed Pengbu Bridge is expected to be open to traffic by the end of September. What are the highlights of the youngest bridge across Qiantang River? 

Going by the staircases on both sides of non-motor vehicle ramp or by the accessible facilities (elevators) at the bridgeheads, you will reach the slow system on the south bank of the bridge. The inner side of the system is the fast transit lane to the airport, while the other side is the 5.5m-wide lane for bicycling, jogging and sightseeing. There are over 200 stone statues of Mythical Beast Baxia on the guardrail as a good omen for preventing water damage to the bridge for all eternity.

To ensure the best lighting effect at night, the motor vehicle layer of Pengbu Bridge applies the colors of golden osmanthus, silver osmanthus and orange osmanthus to create the poetic conception that "the garment is scented by golden sweet osmanthus, the autumn moon is reflected on the serene lake surface" and present the profound history and culture of Hangzhou. The frames of portals on both ends of the bridge are marked by the nameplates with inscriptions of four rubbed Chinese Characters of "Pengbu Bridge" selected from the calligraphy works of Huang Tingjian, a famous calligrapher in the Song Dynasty. It will become a new night scene landmark of Hangzhou in the future.  

Author: Reporter: Mao Yujia Correspondent: Li Qing Photo by Zhang Zhibing  Editor: Li Jiameng