Distinctive spots at Hangzhouxi Railway Station
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-09-20 18:15   Source: Hangzhou Daily

Hangzhouxi Railway Station is not only a place for passenger distribution, but also a place for attending exhibition, listening to piano music and even for hunting jobs.

A green-colored locomotive, which is a representative model of early diesel-electric locomotive in China that has witnessed the country’s transportation mode in the 20th Century, is placed on the rail track right below the sign of “Hangzhouxi Railway Station” in the west of the station building. Apart from history, the ground floor of the station building offers modern classics. A piano was placed on the piano islet in the center of the station building and piano music will be played every day after the station is open to the public. 

The east section of the second floor provides talent meeting room, which is a multi-functional talent service center integrated by the functions of talent recruitment, commercial exhibition, lectures and academic saloon. It is appealing to the job hunters as it enables them to directly go for an interview after getting off the train at the Railway Station. 

The introduction of cultural elements into the railway station can not only enrich the connotation of the transport tools, but also improve urban services to some extent. “The transportation function is concentrated at the central area of the station, while the surrounding areas are remained for urban functions,” said the architect. In addition, the station has access to multiple metro lines and buses to ensure better allocation of resources and better services for passengers. 

Author: Photo by Zhang Zhibing Text by Zhang Yi  Editor: Ye Lijiao