National Trampoline Gymnastics Championship wrapped up in Hangzhou
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-09-19 18:02   Source: Daily Business

"Exciting Hangzhou" National Trampoline Gymnastics Championship 2022 drew to a close last weekend in Zhejiang Huanglong Sports Centre Gymnasium, and 120 trampoline aces from 15 teams around the country participated in the two-day intense competition, including Olympic Champion Zhu Xueying and other top players who represented for the local teams. 

Trampoline gymnastics is a competitive sport where athletes showcase their acrobatic skills in the air by leveraging the rebounding force of the springboard. Athletes have to complete a series of movements, such as flipping and somersaults, in the air. Trampoline gymnastics is especially attractive to the audiences due to the stunning performance and has been hailed as "aerial ballet". Many parents brought their children along with them to enrich their experience. 

This was the last of three gymnastics championships this year. The support team will take the opportunity to test and improve the electrical equipment of the venue and get the venue well prepared for the upcoming Asian Games. 

Author: Text by Zhou Yufei  Editor: Ye Lijiao