New technology reshapes classic plays
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-09-16 16:47   Source: Hangzhou Daily

Stage play is the recorder of the times. Every year, top domestic directors and new generation comedians would gather at Hangzhou Theater Festival to express their memory and feeling of the era on the stage. During this year’s festival, 13 stage plays featured by unrestricted imagination in contents and liberal and aggressive attitudes were presented with the support of modern scientific technology. Hangzhou theater fans may have a novel visual experience during the festival. 

World on a Wire, directed by Li Jianjun, brings extraordinary surreal sci-fi experience by boldly attempting “green screen composition performance”. The play expresses the technological humanism’s ambition and fear for the future that are ignored in the classic sci-fi movies, by riding on the innovative and creative modern technological elements. Oedipus the King, directed by Su Xiaogang, utilizes new technology and interactive installation arts to refresh the aesthetics of ancient Greece classics. It breaks the boundary between stage art and costumes/make-ups/props and presents an impressive visual and auditory experience through exaggerated modeling, rock & roll, and electronic music. What the Butler Saw, directed by Yang Ting, adopts a novel spatial structuring technique to present 2D expression as well as the multiple spaces in linear time. Audacious physical performance tingled with the style of Meierkholid school brings a ridiculous, funny and incredible stage play to Hangzhou audiences. 

Author: Text by Li Wei Photo by Interviewees  Editor: Ye Lijiao