Silk Museum makes its way to Hangzhou mall
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-09-16 16:39   Source: Hangzhou Daily

“Fashion of Natural Beauty: Selected Garments Exhibition” opened at the National Silk · Fashion Museum in Hangzhou Tower the other day. With 91 pcs (61 sets) of objects on display, the exhibition is divided into two sections. Focusing on naturalism, the first section introduces the western history of garment designs and displays the aesthetic revolution triggered by naturalism. The second section explores the diversity of fashionable elements from nature, with three characteristic textile fibers, namely silk, fur and cotton, as the clues. 

The exhibition displays ancient and modern Chinese and foreign clothing and accessories that are sourced from the nature and whose designs are inspired by natural beauty, with a purpose to propagate the idea of ecological civilization and promote the harmonious development of fashion and nature. The exhibition will run until November 30, 2022. 

“This time, we cooperate with Hangzhou Tower to create the National Silk· Fashion Museum, with a purpose to better propagate museum culture, activate the cultural relics and enhance people’s sense of gain from public service and culture”, said the curator of China National Silk Museum. 

Author: Text by Yu Qian  Editor: Ye Lijiao