Hangzhou Airport Express Line refreshes the ken of metro
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-09-15 16:41   Source: City Express

Hangzhou Metro Line 19, also known as Airport Express Line, is now in the debugging stage and is expected to be put into use in late September.

With total length of 59.14 km, Line 19 runs through downtown Hangzhou and links up such transport hubs as Hangzhoudong Railway Station, Hangzhouxi Railway Station, Xiaoshan International Airport, as well as a number of tourism and entrepreneurship bases, like Xixi National Wetland Park and Hangzhou Overseas High-level Talents Innovation Park. After it is open to traffic, it will take only 25 minutes and 45 minutes from Hangzhouxi Station to Hangzhoudong Station and Xiaoshan Airport respectively. In addition, passengers of Line 19 may expediently interchange many other metro lines in the future. 

In addition to convenience, Line 19 is also innovative in many respects. 

Firstly, it is faster in speed. It is the first metro line running through downtown Hangzhou at a speed of up to 120 km per hour with the total time for the whole journey of less than 60 minutes. 

Secondly, it is better equipped. The trains provide luggage racks and USB interfaces for mobile phone charging. The stations are equipped with cable leakage monitoring devices to monitor and handle abnormal situations in a real-time manner; additional vehicle bases with ATO/ATP driving functions are provided to improve the capacity of the train entering and leaving sections. 

Thirdly, it boasts a more efficient and flexible operation mode. Line 19 introduces the mixed operation of fast and slow trains to provide higher-level operation and service capacity at peak hours and off-peak hours, improve operation efficiency and greatly shorten the distance between downtown Hangzhou and Xiaoshan International Airport. 

Author: Drawn by Gao Wei Text by Yue Yan  Editor: Ye Lijiao