The NAPC Hangzhou Branch is open to the public
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-08-03 15:43   Source: City Express

August 1 was the first public opening day of Hangzhou Branch of the National Archives of Publications and Culture (NAPC Hangzhou Branch) since it was open to the public. On that day, the reservation telephone rang off the hook. According to Zhang Pu, the deputy leader of the Preparatory Team of the NAPC Hangzhou Branch, the reservation for visits would remain full for days to come. At present, the NAPC Hangzhou Branch is still in the stage of pressure test, so visitors'understanding for any inconvenience will be appreciated. In addition, as important cultural relics are collected, the temperature of the exhibition hall remains at around 20℃, so it is advised that visitors bring additional coats with them.  

At present, visitors may make reservations by dialing 0571-88079999/0571-88070098, or via Wechat account of "Hangzhou Branch of the National Archives of Publications and Culture" starting from the early morning of August 3.

Author: Reporter: Pan Zhuoying Photo by Xia Yang  Editor: Li Jiameng