This street in Hangzhou provides immersive experience of Chinoiserie
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-07-25 16:10   Source: Hangzhou.com.cn, Hangzhou Network Media App

Great Song Brocade Workshop, the first large-scale immersive Chinoiserie activity of the First Silk Cultural Tourism Consumption Season of Hangzhou China Silk Town, opened at Hubin Pedestrian Street on the evening of July 22.

Forty-two enterprises with 37 booths provided an audio-visual feast integrated by silk product exhibition, interactive experience and Chinoiserie performance, and 450 surprise bags were distributed during the three-day activity.

The pomp features a combination of amazing Song culture, Grand Canal Culture and silk culture. Next, Hubin Pedestrian Street as the National Model Pedestrian Street, as well as Hangzhou China Silk Town, will work together to further expand the Song culture tourism and empower the silk economy. 

Author: Reporter: Liu Wenzhao Correspondent: Huang Xiaofei  Editor: Li Jiameng