The 100th recorded brood of mandarin ducklings hatched in the West Lake
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-07-06 15:31   Source: Hangzhou.com.cn, Hangzhou Network Media App

The West Lake is a paradise for mandarin ducks to frolic around in summer. According to sources, as of July 5, a total of 23 broods, totaling 177 mandarin ducklings, have been hatched in the West Lake this year. Brooded on July 4, four mandarin ducklings of "Gongying" family were the 23rd brood hatched in the West Lake this year as well as the 100th brood hatched since May 5, 2017, when the West Lake Mandarin Duck Guards observed, guarded and recorded the hatch of "Hanghang" family. This year refreshed the records in both the time and duration of mandarin duckling hatches since the guardianship by the West Lake Mandarin Duck Guards started in 2017. 

As the mandarin ducklings are getting familiar with the West Lake, their lively images can be found around Long Bridge at Outer West Lake as well as in Yongjin Park Area, Little South Lake and Maojiabu for the first time this year. 

Author: Reporter: Wang Xiaoyu Video/Photo by Gu Xiangping, Lu Jianli  Editor: Li Jiameng