Top-grade porcelain wares of the Song Dynasty exhibited at Zhejiang Provincial Museum
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-06-21 15:34   Source:City Express

Since a farmer discovered a porcelain burner when he was laboring in his vegetable field in Jinyu Village, Suining, Sichuan in September, 1991, hundreds of exquisite porcelain wares of the Southern Song Dynasty have been excavated on the site. 

This archaeological discovery has caused a sensation in the archaeology and ancient ceramic research circle in China. Jinyu Village Pit is the one that has unearthed the largest number of the most exquisite porcelain wares of the Southern Song Dynasty in China so far. Many porcelain wares unearthed here are rare and even unique.

Now, these rare treasures can be seen in Hangzhou. 20 Longquan celadon wares of the Southern Song Dynasty unearthed from Jinyu Village Pit will be on display at "Physics and Metaphysics- Longquan Celadon Wares of Song Dynasty" exhibition being held at the makeshift gallery in Wulin Branch of Zhejiang Provincial Museum. 

Author:Reporter: Yu Xiwen  Editor:Li Jiameng