Hangzhou Metro Line 3 changes the travel modes of several hundred thousand citizens
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-06-14 15:41   Source:City Express

Hangzhou Metro Line 3, which is the first metro line that extends to the west of Hangzhou, has been fully open to traffic for four days. It links the multiple residential areas, including Xiaoheshan, Tianmushan Road, Xiangjishi Road, Daguan, Xintiandi, Huafeng, Dingqiao and Xingqiao, and has changed the travel modes of tens of thousands of residents along the route. 

The opening of the latter section of the Metro Line 3 not only brings benefits to the residents along the line, but also injects new energy to the whole metro network. As the main line with multiple interchange stations, the Metro Line 3 enables a more convenient metro network in all directions and a closer connection among various regions of Hangzhou. 

Author:Reporter: Yue Yan Photo by Jiang Yue  Editor:Li Jiameng