"Metaverse Girl" introduces the beauty of elegant Song culture in Shangcheng District
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-05-25 15:33   Source:Hangzhou Daily

"Hello, I'm Hang Xiaoyi. Would you please follow me to brush up on the history of the Southern Song Imperial Street?" Visitors at the gate to the Drum Tower might be unexpectedly accosted by Hang Xiaoyi, a robot in shape of a little girl in light green cheongsam wearing a pair of AR glasses. Following in her wake, you will set on the metaverse tour to the Imperial Street. The project will be officially launched in early July.

It is reported that Hang Xiaoyi has powerful audio-visual-textual AI capacity and offers functions of Q&A in Chinese, poems and prose generation and picture searching based on texts for such scenarios as movable-type printing, special snacks, Southern Song Imperial Kiln and silk production, so as to bring the interactive intelligent experience to the digital twin world of immersive VR experience.

Author:Reporter: Li Tingting Shangcheng Convergence Media Alliance:Chen Lijuan  Editor:ChengHuiyu