600-year council hall dedicated to discussing He Zhizhang Culture
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-05-24 15:31   Source:Hangzhou Daily

Located in Zhizhang Village, Shushan Sub-district, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, Shijiaqiao Hall with about 600 years of history is said to be a council hall of an officer's mansion in the Ming Dynasty. Recently, it has been converted to "people-centered council hall" of the CPPCC dedicated to the discussion of He Zhizhang Culture, which is one of the most famous cultural IPs of Xiaoshan.

As is evidenced in Complete Collection of Final Imperial Examination Papers of No.1 Scholars in China, He Zhizhang has been the first recorded No.1 scholar in Zhejiang. He had successively served four emperors in the Tang Dynasty and was a mentor of Li Bai.

In the recent years, Xiaoshan has exerted more efforts in developing He Zhizhang Culture, including filming Crazy Poet He Zhizhang serials, to enrich and promote the brand of He Zhizhang Culture. 

Author:Reporter: Fang Liang Xiaoshan Convergence Media Alliance: Ren Bing  Editor:Li Jiameng