Most beautiful track near lotus-shaped Olympic Sports Centre opened to public
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-05-07 18:06   Source:Hangzhou Daily

With thedismantleofthe riverside fences, the most beautiful trackofBinjiang, which is near lotus-shaped Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre, wasreopened to public with a brand-new image. As part of the riverside region renovation project in Binjiang, the section between Xixing Bridge in the west and Qijiazha in the east was completed and opened to traffic yesterday. 

After upgrading, the blue handrails are higher and safer and are decorated with star lightsthat willadd radiance and beautyto the nightscene of the river.After renovation, Ziwei Avenue is lined with shady celtis julianae. Thecrape myrtle grovealong the avenue has attracted numerous visitors. A recreation and leisure centre featuring basketball court, cycling track, skateboarding park and wetland park has been built along the river. With babbling water, refreshing street view and perfect layout, the riverside track has been known as the "most beautiful track".

Author:Reporter: Meng Jiao Photo by Zhou Yihao  Editor:Gao Mingzhen