Hangzhounan Railway Station offers seven-color memo to facilitate passengers
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-05-07 18:04   Source:Hangzhou Daily

To furtherfacilitate passengers' trips around Hangzhou, Hangzhounan Railway Station has recently offered seven-colored petal-shaped memos. Each memoprovidesdetailed transportation information, including subways and buses, ofthe relevant destination.

As a round-the-clock station, Hangzhounan Railway Station is accessible by high-speed rails, ordinary trains, intercity rails, subways, buses and other transportation modes with heavy passenger flow. To facilitate and provide better services for passengers, especially those who come to Hangzhou for the first time, the Station offers seven-colored display boards at all key hubs, each with 18 memos bearing transportation information of 18 most frequently inquired destinations, including Hangzhou Airport, Hangzhoudong Railway Station, major coach stations, West Lake Scenic Area and Hangzhou Citizen Center.

Author:Reporter: Yang Yiwei  Editor:Gao Mingzhen