The One-Year Countdown of Hangzhou Asian Games Will Start Soon and the First Batch of Renovated Venues Have Been Put into Operation Formally
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2021-09-06 14:36   Source: Hangzhou Daily

As the one-year countdown of Hangzhou Asian Games will start soon, you can feel the event at every corner of the city. Linping Sports Centre was revealed on 5th September after two years of renovation. It is among the first batch of renovated Asian Games venues that have been put into operation. A director of the project said that the sports centre is a key part of “All-Area Beautification” and also a vivid practice of “Quality New Urban District”.

Author: Photo by Fa Xin (Reporter) Wang Lijuan & Hu Qian (Reporters) Jiang Mingjing (Correspondent)  Editor: Wang Jian
No. 177 East Lake South Road, Linping District, Hangzhou