The Media Village Is Electrified and the Whole Hangzhou Asian Games Village Will Be Lit Up
Hangzhou News   2021-09-03 15:49   Source:Daily Business

As the electric equipment beeped after being connected to the power supply, Hangzhou Asian Games Media Village was formally electrified and lit up. One of the highlights of Hangzhou Asian Games Village is the application of “high-resilience power grid” in supporting facilities. Besides 5G electric power virtual private network, “black technologies” like quantum cryptographic intelligent switch, track patrol robot, low-voltage static var device, emergency power supply base, and load aggregator have been connected, forming a high-load, high-interaction, high-self-healing, and high-effect “high-resilience power grid” in pan-Asian Games area.

Author:YING Haohan & WAN Yanzhen (Correspondents) PAN Tingting (Reporter)  Editor:Wang Jian