“Nine Communities of Zhaohui”, the Largest, Oldest Residential Colony in Hangzhou, Is Under Renovation
Hangzhou News   2021-07-19 14:07   Source:City Express

Zhaohui Subdistrict, established in 1983, consists of nine communities: Zhaohui First Community, Zhaohui Second Community, Zhaohui Third Community, Zhaohui Fourth Community, Zhaohui Fifth Community, Zhaohui Sixth Community, Zhaohui Seventh Community, Zhaohui Eighth Community, and Zhaohui Ninth Community. Down at heel, all 9 communities have been on the to-be-renovated list since 2019. First to Sixth Communities and Eighth Community finished renovation in 2020. This year Seventh Community and Ninth Community will also be renovated. The outside and inside of the buildings will be repainted, electric wires will be re-organized, leaking ceilings will be repaired, and more supporting facilities will be set up. Zhaohu Subdistrict hopes that “Nine Communities of Zhaohui” will be clean, tidy, and comfortable once again.

Author:WANG Qing (Reporter) YE Chao & LIU Jingchun (Correspondents) Photo by JIANG Yue  Editor:Wang Jian