Qiantang District Starts the Enrollment of Summer Daycare Class
Hangzhou News   2021-07-12 14:27   Source:City Express

The Ministry of Education has issued Notice of Supporting the Exploration and Conducting of Summer Daycare Service the other day, suggesting relevant departments of all levels to explore various ways to help parents solve the problem of looking after children in summer holiday. Qiantang District has taken a rapid move in response. Qiantang District Education Bureau (under planning), held a district-level headmaster meeting on 10th July on the basis of “Heart-Warming Summer Class”, deciding to unite the youth palace and 11 schools in the district to set up this year’s summer daycare classes. Excellent teachers, young teachers, and teachers who are also Party members are encouraged to take part in the plan to help working couple look after their children in summer holiday.

Author:HUANG Ying & HU Xinchang (Reporters)  Editor:Wang Jian