Have You Ate the Top NCEE Mascot of Hangzhou?
Hangzhou News   2021-06-03 14:11   Source:Urban Express

Victory Cake is reported to be a kind of cake made for the purpose of wishing soldiers who go out to battle to win speedy success. For now, every year in the season of National College Entrance Examination, there will be a large quantity of parents in Hangzhou to buy a piece of red victory cake with the purpose of getting good luck for their children who are going to take the Examination.

This year, the period of National College Entrance Examination in Zhejiang is 7-10 June. According to HAN Shouxiang, the manager of Jiangnanchun Food Factory, the customers recently are basically the parents who have their children take part in the National College Entrance Examination. Also some schools will place bulk orders.

Author:Reporter SUN Qian  Editor:ChengHuiyu