The Grand Canal Greenway in the Main Urban Area of Hangzhou Will Complete before the Asian Games Next Year
Hangzhou News   2021-05-25 14:23   Source:Hangzhou Daily

The Grand Canal Greenway project is one of Hangzhou’s key greenway projects in 2021. The project starts with the greenway in the main urban area. From Qiantang River in the South to Shixiang Road in the north, the project covers a total length of about 30 kilometers, passing through Shangcheng District and Gongshu District. The project is now in design stage.

More efforts will be put to promote the diversification of “slow walk” along the canal banks, space opening, and city function clustering, so as to build the greenway into an world-level “Hangzhou transportation corridor” featuring with culture, tourism, fitness and other functions, making it another “golden name card” of Hangzhou greenways.

Author:WANG Lili (Reporter) HANG Jianxuan (Correspondent)  Editor:ChengHuiyu