Hangzhou: The Sale Reaches 2.001 Billion Yuan and All Scenic Areas (Spots) Receive 9.21 Million Visits during the Labor Day Holiday
Hangzhou News   2021-05-06 14:24   Source:Hangzhou Daily

Hangzhou Daily The past Labor Day Holiday was the first “minor vacation” after Hangzhou made certain administrative optimization and adjustment. The consumption of retail, catering and cultural tourism during the holiday has increased rapidly, making a better performance than the same period of 2019. Statistics show that the sale (business volume) reached 2.001 billion yuan, up 22.7% on the previous year and 17.4% on the year before last. The consumption market during the holiday was featured with “positive sales promotion, active consumption, rapid increase, safety and orderliness”.

Author:Reporters: WANG Yilin & ZHANG Yali  Correspondents: WANG Cong & ZHANG Jianwen  Editor:Gao Mingzhen