Paint Millennial Elegance with Hands
Hangzhou News   2021-04-16 14:58   Source:Hangzhou Daily

A girl is sitting in front of the workbench in the “warehouse” of Hangzhou Archaeological Institute located at Mantou Hill, drawing the beautiful patterns on the porcelains unearthed from Deshou Palace. She is GAO Fujie, a post-90s girl with smiling eyes. But don’t be fooled by her young age and lovely smile. This girl is in fact an “archaeological painter” of Hangzhou Archaeological Institute who has taken part in multiple archaeological projects, including Meicheng and Deshuo Palace. When important cultural relics are unearthed in Hangzhou, she draws and presents the accurate shapes and delicate, complicated patterns on them since photo is not enough.

Author:Article by SUN Yuan (Correspondent) & XIONG Yan (Reporter) Photo by ZHANG Zhibing (Reporter)  Editor:Zhang Di