Hangzhou Is Creating a “Gravitational Wave of Talents” Which Conducts Policies with One Click and Facilitates “Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Initiative”
Hangzhou News   2021-09-22 14:47   Source:Zhejiang Daily

Hangzhou has kept enhancing its digital talent reform by highlighting “large scene, small entrance, and big closed loop” in recent years. Starting from talent service, Hangzhou is now expanding to talent attraction and management to further explore the system of “gravitational wave of talents”, a digital and smart talent management system which stresses the importance of “conducting policies with one click”, “facilitating ‘Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Initiative’”, and “providing service with mass respond” to establish an online complex of talent service. By the end of August this year, the system has collected 3.85 million talents and 540,700 talents have used the “Talent Code”, through which the total amount of subsidies cashed has reached 2,765,000,000 yuan. In total the code has served talents for 3.93 million times.

Author: SHEN Yin (Reporter) SONG Yuan (Correspondent)  Editor:Wang Jian