Asian Games Fashion Show is held On Olympic Day: showing Sports Sprit
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2021-06-25 15:15   Source:HAGOC

On June 23, "Celebrating International Olympic Day Culture and Fashion Show for Hangzhou 2022" was held on the south square of Zhejiang Exhibition Hall. The theme was “Fashion & Etiquette-Past and Present”. The fashion show was consisted of three parts: Traditional Chinese Fashion Show, World Fashion Show, and Sportswear Show.

Traditional Chinese Fashion Show displayed the characteristic features of ancient Chinese garments from the Qin Dynasty (221-206BC) all the way up to the Qing Dynasty (1636-1912). Accompanied by drum performance, dancing, scene performance, poetry recitation and other forms of artistic expression, the splendid garments seemed like a magnificent and colorful picture, unfolding slowly before the audience and fully demonstrating the 5,000-year Chinese civilization.

World Fashion Show showcased the diversified national garments and accessories around the world, from ancient civilization to modern civilization, from the Olympic Torch to the Light of Wisdom, from Athens to Hangzhou, vividly reflecting the history of the Olympic Games and its inheritance and development. The fashion designs are integrated with modern wisdom, publicizing and promoting the Olympic spirit and culture.

In Sportswear Show, led by the “tourist guide”, the audience were able to appreciate the uniform show as well as the sportswear show presented by the official prestige partners of Hangzhou Asian Games, feel the charm of Asian Games from a panoramic view.

Adopting a winding stage and combining creative scene performance in the style of immersive “Micro Performing Arts”, the fashion show displayed the dressing features of various groups of people in different times and countries. “Expressing feelings with clothes, treating people with courtesy”, the show is a vivid model of connotative exchange of fashion and etiquette and the integration of Chinese culture and world culture.

Designed to be held on the Olympic Day, Hangzhou Asian Games Fashion Show not just showcased the beauty of traditional Chinese fashion and etiquette culture, but also conveyed Hangzhou’s vision of building a platform for cultural exchange and mutual learning between China and foreign countries through the Asian Games 2022. It demonstrated the traditional culture of China as a “state of ceremonies” and a city image of Hangzhou as a “capital of ceremonies”.

Author:  Editor:Wang Jian