Gongshu to Preserve People’s Sense of Happiness by Improving Well-being
Hangzhou News   2021-06-16 23:55   Source:gongshu.gov.cn

On May 11, Feng Jing, deputy secretary of district party committee and district mayor, held the meeting on people’s well-being, emphasizing the importance of solidly adhering to the people-centered development ideology, working efficiently and fruitfully on service and projects concerning livelihood, preserving people’s sense of happiness and making the moderately prosperous society into full play. Fan Zhen, Bao Xiaodong, district leaders, were present at the meeting.

After hearing the reports, Feng Jing said that the well-being project is highly related to people’s livelihood, therefore, all levels shall attach great importance to it. As we are drafting the 14 Five-year plan, Gongshu shall maximize the well-being of the people by digital reform, livelihood service brands and optimization of new district division. District Human Resources authority shall make all-out efforts in employment to facilitate economic and social development; District Civil Affairs authority shall consolidate the basic guarantee, innovate primary level administration method to deal with the old and the young; District Education authority shall work on new schools and new teachers to build good schools in the neighborhood; both parents and school headmasters shall work jointly to achieve students’ physical health, mental health and eye sight health; District Health authority shall spare no efforts in virus protection by strengthening the function and service of community health centers; District Judicial authority shall carry out special rectification to ensure the implementation of nomocracy; District Audit authority shall stick to supervision and inspection by centering around the key work of the district committee and district government, holding the bottom line and playing the role of good adviser.

Feng Jing stressed the five major tasks. To work on efficiency. By sticking to high quality and high standards, the district shall take solid steps in old community renovation, elevator fixing, relocation house building to enhance the sense of gaining. To set examples. By creating more application scenes, the district shall push the digital and intelligence year development and enrich application scenes for the special feature of the livelihood. To balance the livelihood policy. By developing the public service in a balanced way, the district shall both work on the priority and practicality. To improve capital use performance appraisal. By having the awareness of tight days, the district shall make good use of capital. To enhance initiative of the service industry. The district shall exert influence on government organizations to facilitate both attraction and introduction of enterprises as well as industrial upgrading and transformation for the satisfaction from the enterprises. 

Author:  Editor:Wang Jian