In last November, with the appointment of General Manager of Oakwood ResidenceHangzhou, he started a new challenge again
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Handsome, modesty, easy-going and elegant, this was the first impression that Mr. Christian Thomasberger gave us, there is also a Chinese name “Qian Zhan” on his business card and which means he is always open for challenges. In 1987, he began his hospitality career as an intern at the Sacher Hotel in Vienna, Austria, over the next 30 years, he rose steadily from junior staff in Food and Beverage department to management positions in different countries such as Spain, Cyprus, Egypt and Tunisia. In last November, with the appointment of General Manager of Oakwood ResidenceHangzhou, he started a new challenge again.

Created a “home” feeling

He let foreigners in Hangzhou enjoyed the sense of belonging

Oakwood ResidenceHangzhou is the representative of the top serviced apartments in Hangzhou market, 155 serviced apartment suites showing their originality and ingenuity in every decoration and every details. Because of the fully equipped kitchen facilities and enthusiasm, considerate service, Oakwood has become the preferred residence choice for foreign executives in Hangzhou. The slogan "Only for the Top 500" says it all.

“Different with normal hotel rooms, our rooms are family-style spaces, with fully equipped kitchen, washer, dryer and other furnishings, guests can regards here as their ‘home’ away from home” said Christian. He hopes Oakwood Residence Hangzhou can provide the feeling to his guests that in here, they are more than just a "guest", but also their own "host" to live and socialize freely here.

As the changes of times, Oakwood's clients has become younger and younger, and Christian said that in order to provide guests with the most relaxed and casual atmosphere, Oakwood will not only surprise guests on festivals, birthdays and anniversaries, but also hold some leisure activities for long-stay guests on monthly basis, such as outing, fitness, live cooking class and so on, so that guests can feel the sense of belongings like at home.

Memorable steamed perch with scallion and stir-fried shrimp with Longjing tea”

He said that Hangzhou is his “new hometown”

When facing the challenges as a General Manager what he needs to convey to employees is his positive view, and then lead the team to deal with the challenges positively and turn them into opportunities. That was the message Christian shared with us.

How to deal with the challenges of the global epidemic regarding to management, Christian has his own unique insights:” China leads the world in its ability and institutionalization to fight with the epidemic. I think all the countries should learn from China in these regards. In the hotel business, we do have a decline in foreigner guests numbers compared to the previous years, but we are still supported effectively by the domestic tourism market, including expand online business sales mode to get more bookings and long-stay guests.

Christian likes Hangzhou, He said he was truly honored to live and work here. In his spare time, he likes to walk two or three kilometers from Oakwood to the West Lake to relax and to enjoy the most memorable dishes in Hangzhou, such as steamed perch and stir-fried shrimp with Longjing tea.

"I am happy to call here (Hangzhou) as my new hometown." Christian said.

Author:Reporter Min Chen   Editor:Zhang Di