Hangzhou Gymnasium returns as expected
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-03-31 18:12   Source:hangzhou2022.cn

Hangzhou Gymnasium, built in 1996, is the only surviving saddle-shaped building of suspended-cable structure in the world. The venue began renovation and upgrading in 2019 and passed the function acceptance for Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 on March 30 this year.

During the renovation and upgrading, the Gymnasium consistently adheres to the principle of “repairing the old as it was”, so that the renovated venue not only maintains its historic features, but also gives expression to its cultural deposits.

The mosaic wall painting above the venue’s main entrance retains the popular painting style in the 1970s and 1980s. To this end, in the process of renovation and upgrading, the wall painting was photographed, placed on file and input into the computer, after which an analysis was made on missing color blocks and mosaic tiles for complementary colors were professionally customized from a manufacturer. To ensure a consistent picture, antique finishing technology was applied to the newly filled mosaic tiles. Therefore, the mosaic wall painting after renovation is full of retro style.

Along with the Gymnasium, there return also 28 osmanthus trees of the same age as the venue. They were relocated over two years ago for transition and now they are going to “come back home”. Other trees being relocated together with them include cedar, cinnamomum camphora, southern magnolia, oriental plane, etc. 

Inside the Gymnasium is a new look. The cloud ceiling at the top of the venue has a very strong sense of design, and the equipment inside the venue has already been replaced and upgraded. Furthermore, a training hall, a function room and an underground garage have also been built in it to meet the needs of the event.

Author:  Editor:Wang Jian