The design of Asian Games Hangzhou 2022’s venues is energy saving and humanized
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-03-26 17:45   Source:hangzhou2022.cn

What are the new changes in the venues that will host basketball, swimming, diving and synchronized swimming in Hangzhou 2022? Recently, the reporter came to the main gymnasium and swimming pool of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre to find out.


Inside the main gymnasium, the equipment has been arranged, the seats, videos and lights have been adjusted and put into use. The competition can start as soon as basketball equipment is added.

Compared with other basketball courts, ice hockey, figure skating, short track speed skating, curling and other sports can also be held thanks to the function of “basketball & ice sports” conversion. The fastest conversion only takes 6 hours. This advanced technology is time saving and huge amount of materials are saved as well. 


In terms of energy saving, the design of the venues also fully reflects green and economic principles of Hangzhou 2022. Above the main gymnasium and swimming pool, there are 210 Light Guides which can let outdoor natural light diffuse indoors through the daylighting shade. Compared with fluorescent lamps, they have the advantages such as stroboscopic and energy saving, their service length can be up to 25 years. The algorithm model is adopted in energy management which shows that 30% of energy can be saved every year.


The swimming pool adopts the circulating water pump’s frequency conversion technology, which can automatically adjust the speed according to needs to reduce energy consumption, 15% of energy can be saved. The water disinfection system uses core equipment such as ozone generator and sodium chlorate generator, water disinfection can be strongly ensured.

The added urea organic substance decomposer can remove dissolved organic substance such as urea, making the urea index meet the national standard without changing water so that a lot of tap water can be saved.

Author:  Editor:Wang Jian