Hangzhou elements glittering at Beijing Winter Olympics 2022
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As the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics runs smoothly into its second week, we have witnessed not only the career highlights of the athletes, but also the growth of business opportunities, such as the super popular mascot Bing Dwen Dwen, and the rise of winter sports across China.

From smart beds and robot bar attendants in the Olympic village to the special light effects and stadium facilities, almost everything about the Beijing Winter Olympics is supported by technological creations.

Hangzhou, the host city of the upcoming 19th Asian Games, has contributed a lot to the Beijing Winter Games, visible to the public or not. Here are some of the Hangzhou elements in this hot event.

Hangzhou technology

amazes the world

The grand opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics in the National Stadium, or the "Bird's Nest", was featured with the cutting-edge technologies including virtual reality, 5G and 8K to display the growth of the Chinese modern economy.

To color the "Bird's Nest" with the "China red", Roleds Tech installed its self-developed patent digital light and color system of thousands of LED lights on the walls throughout the stadium.

Quadruped robots “Lucky Tiger” made by Unitree Robotics in Hangzhou's Binjiang District warmed up the opening ceremony with a passionate dance, presenting Hangzhou's innovation and vitality to the world.

Dishang Group, whose vertical supply chain center lies in Linping E-fashion Town, manufactured the -20°C cold resistant costumes for the Chinese delegation and the protective clothing for the volunteers and staff.

Meanwhile, five original fabric works that the performers of Beginning of Spring and Snowflakes wore were all created by Textile Library, a local institution in Hangzhou committed to displaying the natural and cultural beauty of a 5,000-year civilization.

In addition, the Hangzhou-based Arcvideo provided technical support for the construction of the "8K Ultra HD TV IP Integration Distribution Platform" for the CCTV to ensure the 8K live broadcast of the opening ceremony, making it accessible across the country.

Hangzhou manufacturers

help ensure the security

For the sake of safety, the Beijing Winter Olympics is run in a close loop. More than one million custom masks for the Olympics are produced in Jiande, a county in Hangzhou. The three-layered mask, made of polyester nonwoven fabric, is breathable, protective and stylish, with an exclusive design featuring colorful sports patterns.

Thanks to the digital certificate management system designed by Chinaoly Technology, athletes and staff in the Olympic village can quickly go across the security-check and enjoy the services in the village by using smart cards that are issued more than 220,000 in total. The Hangzhou company also takes charge of a data center for the event and emergency plans via big data and AI.

How do we have the athletes get familiar with the Winter Olympic Village as soon as possible? Based on the 3D real-time precise positioning technology, Sensetime's intelligent AR navigation system works out a 3D map giving virtual views even in large-scale scenes and solved the AR navigation problems in spacious snow and ice arena.

The daily operation of Olympic venues, such as National Sliding Center and National Speed Skating Oval, mostly depends on green electricity. The NY7000D power monitoring system independently developed by a subsidiary of Sunrise Meter Technology monitors high and low voltage power equipments, transformers, direct current cabinets and other equipments in the substations of the Winter Olympics venues.

With the help of the "iReal 3D scanner", Scan Tech in Yuhang district assisted the athletes' helmet design by measuring the 3D data of their heads for the precise sizes.

Hangzhou culture

wins hearts of athletes

Everyone loves the glory of medals in the Game. Beijing 2022 medal ribbons are made by Wensli, a high-end silk product manufacturer based in Hangzhou. Patterned with the never-fading Olympic elements, the seemingly thin genuine silk ribbon is able to bear a weight of 90 kg.

In between of the competitions, athletes rave about the Chinese food, especially the local delicacies from all places. West Lake beef soup, a nutritious dish from Hangzhou, is provided to athletes from diverse cultural backgrounds along with another 677 dishes, like pizza Margherita and Japanese Tonkatsu.

Do you want a Chinese Olympic suitcase the same as Eileen Gu's? The Chinese athletes at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics are equipped with suitcases designed by Just Real. Located in E-Fashion Town, the company was founded in 2006 by a Hangzhou native Mao Xinyu, a graduate of Zhejiang University.

It might have escaped your notice, but the background of the athletes' entering ceremony showcased the night view of the West Lake and the Jixian Pavilion. Besides, a Hangzhou Asian Games themed exhibition was kicked off at the Beijing 2022 Main Media Center on Feb 6th, featuring the preparations for the Games, its aesthetics, and the charm of the host city.

While many other Hangzhou creations in Beijing might have yet to be discovered, the Hangzhou tech power won't fail you during the Hangzhou Asian Games which is less than 7 months away.

Author:Zhu Jingning  Editor:Wang Jian