Sporting venues in my eyes: The cultural landmarks
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Editor's Note: There are 57 venues being prepared for the 19th Asian Games and 4th Asian Para Games, among which 12 are newly built, 27 are renovated, nine are renewed, and nine are temporary. In this series, we will explore the venues and discover their unique charm.

Here are six venues being recognized as the richest in local cultural elements for the major events.

Fuyang Yinhu Sports Center

The Fuyang Yinhu Sports Center, which is designed for shooting, archery and modern pentathlon competitions, is one of the most eye-catching venues. It is inspired by the masterpiece Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains and has 34,000 rotating louvers that allow for changes to the façade.

Xiaoshan Guali Sports Center

As the birthplace of female General Shen Yunying of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), Guali has preserved the tradition of practicing martial arts since ancient time. The Xiaoshan Guali Sports Center will host the competitions for martial arts and kabaddi, a contact sport originating in India, at the 19th Asian Games.

Hangzhou Gymnasium

Built in 1966, the Hangzhou Gymnasium is the only saddle-shaped gymnasium with a suspension structure in the world. As a landmark of Hangzhou, the gymnasium was listed as one of Hangzhou's cultural relic units in December 2013. It will host the boxing matches for the Games. 

Gongshu Canal Sports Park Venue Cluster

Hangzhou's biggest "umbrella", which will serve as the hockey venue, is the only newly-built stadium for the Games in downtown Hangzhou and resembles an oiled paper umbrella. Intelligent supporting facilities are also being widely used, including a sponge base under the lawn meant to collect water and prevent manual irrigation. Every street light is being equipped with a 5G network. 

Wenzhou Dragon Boat Center

The dragon boat competition for Hangzhou 2022 will be staged at the Wenzhou Dragon Boat Sports Center, where six gold medals will be up for grabs. The center is widely regarded as the most professional venue of its kind in China and even Asia. It features a dragon boat docking facility, an Olympic sports center, a hotel, two residential communities, waterfront green areas and support roads. 

Hangzhou Qi-Yuan (Zhili) Chess Hall

Featuring a red floodlighting sytem on its façade, the Hangzhou Qi-Yuan (Zhili) Chess Hall presents a traditional Chinese cultural feel and is able to host chess events for the 19th Asian Games as well as regular chess, Chinese chess, go, draughts, five-in-a-row, and bridge races. 

Author:  Editor:Wang Jian