How Liangzhu People Managed to Carve Fine Lines on Jade 5,000 Years Ago?
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2021-12-03 15:23   Source:City Express

Chinese Archaeology Assembly, CCTV-1’s new large-scale archaeological exploration program, focuses on Liangzhu in its very first episode. LIU Zhongshan, a master of jade engraving, was invited to challenge Liangzhu craftsmen 5,000 years ago to create a jade ware but failed, which proves how difficult it must be. “I’ve made plenty of Liangzhu jade wares in my life. The more I make, the more respectful I become,” said a 58-year-old Liangzhu jade ware artisan from Hangzhou.

Author:CHENG Xiaolong (Reporter)V  Editor:Wang Jian