HCIE makes a hit both online and offline
Hangzhou News   2021-11-12 09:47   Source:City Express

As an initiative in many aspects and a combination of online industry expo & offline industry index release, the 15th Hangzhou Cultural & Creative Industry Expo (HCIE) has proved to be a new netizen magnet over the past week.

HCIE, which has gone through 15 years, has always been a kaleidoscope for Hangzhou residents to see the world. And this year’s expo is so unique that it is made available for the expo visitors to watch at home via Douyin and Dongjia Apps by scanning through the 3,500 cultural brands and enterprises from more than 30 countries and regions.

As the new blood of selling goods via livestreaming at Double 11 shopping zeal, the sub-channel cultural livestreaming of the Expo on Douyin was rather popular on the last weekend as over one million visitors watched the originator of an old brand called Mr. Yang’s Bakery, Mr. Yang Fachao making the Euryale Ferox Ricecake. The old pal of the expo Blanbunny held the exquisite English afternoon tea on Douyin App as well; and the Cultural & Creative Industry Center of Zhejiang University also impressed many visitors during this year’s expo.

Besides, the online channel of Songyun Jiangnan on Dongjia App, which is an online shopping platform set up for the senior traditional craftsmen at home and abroad, was specialized with cultural brands, either international, Chinese or Hangzhou. The online exhibitions were themed with the charm of Song Dynasty, featuring the Intangible Cultural Heritage & fine oriental goods.

Moreover, the Expo also drew scores of experts and scholars from the well-known universities across the world. On Nov. 2nd and 3rd, dozens of cultural and creative institutions gathered at the Hangzhou Creative Design Center where four offline activities were held, such as industry forums and the annual industry index release to jointly discuss the latest trends on the development of cultural industries.

First held in 2007, HCIE has become one of the four major cultural and creative industry exhibitions in China. The others are in Beijing, Shenzhen and Yiwu.

From 2007 to 2021, HCIE has undergone a significant transformation and shared common growth with the cultural and creative industry. The industry has deeply rooted in the life of Hangzhou residents and the expo has played a significant role in building Hangzhou into the national center of the industry.

Author: Liu Yimei  Editor:Wang Jian