About 500 National Treasure Level Traditional Chinese Paintings “Reappear” at the Same Time
Hangzhou News   2021-11-02 15:00   Source:Hangzhou Daily

The grand opening of the Exhibition of Current Achievements of “Traditional Chinese Paintings of Past Dynasties” was held at Zhejiang University Museum of Art and archaeology today, mainly exhibiting about 500 paintings printed from the prepared samples in the books to be published. The team of “Traditional Chinese Paintings of Past Dynasties” has spent 16 years creating digital files for over 12,250 paintings, together with more than 260 cultural institutions and museums worldwide, to establish an image database with the highest fidelity so far.

Author:Photo by LU Shaoqing KE Yineng & WU Yalan (Correspondents) WANG Zeying (Trainee reporter)  Editor:Wang Jian