Fuyang venues: blending the traditional and the futuristic
Hangzhou News   2021-10-28 16:03   Source:City Express

As the date for Hangzhou Asian Games is nearing, the city has been busy with the preparations and the constructions needed to welcome the competitions revolving around more than 40 sports.

It's said that 51 competition venues are planned to be featured during the Games. We had the pleasure with Hangzhoufeel to take a peek at two of them located in Fuyang district as they first opened their doors to visitors: the Fuyang Water Sports Center and the Fuyang Yinhu Sports Center.

On Oct. 21st, we started off the visit at the Fuyang Water Sports Center where Lianlian, Chenchen and Congcong, the mascot triplets, welcomed us at the entrance. These figures, designed as three cute sporty robots, are representations of the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Hangzhou. I can't think of anything more symbolic for the visit I had that day, with several friends from different communities in Hangzhou: they were representational of the city's internet prowess, its historical wealth, and its focus on a green future.

As you enter the main building at Fuyang Water Sports Center, you are greeted by a composition of three things: to your left, you'll notice the corner where a colorful kayak has been installed. To your right, you'll see a garden where the green of the trees mix perfectly with the white of the pebbles on the floor and the reflection of the sky on the pool of water that covers part of a secluded space. We learned later that this would be the path towards the curved roof of the building, where a much bigger garden lies.

In the center of the room, you won't miss the giant screen where a video introduction of the thought given to the designs and architecture is being played. We learned about the Fuchun river there, where the water sports will be conducted.

The Fuchun river is a part of the Qiantang River, which flows 110 km through Zhejiang Province. We got the opportunity to have a very wide view of the river in the Terminal Tower for referees. This river plays a big part in the design of the venues we visited. It is something of a testament to its beauty, as well as the mountains surrounding the area. In fact, we've seen glimpses of its cultural importance in both venues.

Fuyang Yinhu Sports Center will welcome sports such as shooting, fencing, swimming, equestrianism, and even a pentathlon. These sports will be held outdoors and indoors. While the long distance shooting range outside coupled with the swimming pool was definitely impressive, I personally loved the fact that the main building was covered with 34,000 rotating metal tiles angled so that the shape of the Fuchun Mountains would be somehow drawn on the building. At night, controlled through a digital simulation of light, the mountains would come to life and a display inspired by Fuchun Shanjutu (富春山居图) or the Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains would appear.

These two venues were but a glimpse of what Hangzhou has prepared for the 19th Asian Games. However, they are nothing short of breathtaking. The venues blended the traditional and the futuristic, something of a contradiction that Hangzhou definitely owns as one of its best characteristics. I can't help but feel eager to see how the following months would unfold themselves as the countdown is nearing its due date for the Games.

Author:Sedra Rajao  Editor:Wang Jian