Annual technological gala opens in Hangzhou
Hangzhou News   2021-10-21 16:25   Source:ehangzhou.gov.cn

The technological exhibition has been one of the most anticipated parts of the Aspara Conference that opened in Hangzhou on Oct 19, local media outlets reported. The event will run till Oct 22.

The annual event is being held in a 40,000-square-meter hall that features more than 1,000 digital intelligence innovations such as cloud computers, holographic image, carbon-based chips, and bio-robots.

The conference also comprises two main forums and over 100 tech forums. Visitors will be able to witness the unveiling of the latest technological advancements in 25 fields like cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and internet of things, as well as the digitalization of industries like public services, electric power, education, and automobiles.

Currently in its 13th edition, the Aspara Conference was where many cutting-edge ideas and products such as the Alibaba DAMO Academy, the autonomous vehicle XiaoManLu and the intelligent urban management system City Brain were unveiled.

Author:  Editor:Wang Jian