Enjoy classical music promotion of Mozart at HZ library
Hangzhou News   2021-09-17 10:34   Source:City Express

Opera art runs through the history of classical music, which is closely related to the transformation of western culture, economy and social pattern. However, Chinese audiences are often confined to the language and cultural environment when enjoying opera, making it difficult to understand the story and meaning inside and outside the opera.

Hangzhou Library has launched a series of activities to promote and popularize classical music, including listening to and watching opera performance materials, supplemented by explanations. 

The next activity of Mozart and his operas will be held on September 19. The speaker will introduce Mozart's social background and opera works, and share the experiences of appreciating the Marriage of Figaro, Don Giovanni and The Magic Flute. Participants can watch the excerpts during the event while comparing them with the Chinese versions of key passages from the opera. The speaker will also introduce some perspectives and methods of literary criticism to the participants by interspersing professional knowledge,and he will guide participants to discuss and communicate with each other, leading to more collision of thinking.

Time: 14:00, September 19

Location: Conference Hall, Hangzhou Library (Citizen Center)

Author:  Editor:Fang Zhihua