Musical Search for Family to be staged at HZ
Hangzhou News   2021-09-17 10:26   Source:City Express

Musical Search for Family to be staged at HZ

The Chinese version of Search for Family, directed by Chen Peisi, will be staged at Hangzhou Red Star Theatre in October.

Search for Family is a South Korea Musical which won several domestic prizes. It was chosen as the most moving musical by the Arco Theatre of the Arts in 2017.

It tells the story of two grandmothers living together with three pets. Liu Fuchun lives with a dog, a cat and a chicken in a small village in the north. One day, Chiguilan, who comes from a southern city searching for her son, disrupts Liu’s peaceful life. They start a noisy cohabitation and gradually become friends.

Time: 19:30, 6 to 7 October

Venue: Hangzhou Red Star Theatre, No.280, South Jianguo Road

Price: 80/180/280/380/480 yuan

Author:fang Jingyi  Editor:Wang Jian