NetEase·Point Blank China’s celebrated its second anniversary in HZ
Hangzhou News   2021-09-17 10:23   Source:City Express

NetEase·Point Blank China’s celebrated its second anniversary in HZ

On September 12, NetEase·Point Blank China, a leading brand of the electronic music school in China, celebrated its second anniversary at its headquarters in Hangzhou.

Through the sharing meeting of well-known musicians in the industry, reporting performance of outstanding students and other forms, the school has demonstrated to the guests its increasing innovation, professionalism and influence in the field of electronic music education in the past two years.

The opening day started from the Live Set of JUNY and Shi Yue. On the six-meter-long stage, the two artists used a variety of electronic instruments to showcase the charm of improvisational sound art. Live Set is a form of electronic music live performance which is more original and visually striking.

NetEase·Point Blank China takes the electronic music performance course as one of its featured courses. Since its establishment in 2019, the school has trained more than 1,000 outstanding graduates in the industry. Some of them have become potential stars in the domestic electronic music industry.

Author:Fang Jingyi  Editor:Wang Jian