Drama“Ago” to hit HZ stage
Hangzhou News   2021-09-07 10:24   Source:Hangzhoufeel

Shanghai Theater released the plan of the 2021 national tour of “Ago” on September 1. “Ago” is the work of “Life Fantasy Journey” by Lai Shengchuan, the Chinese dramatist and art director of Shanghai Theater.

The 2021 national tour of “Ago” will be performed by actress Hao Lei, singer Zhang Jie, and the entire cast of the troupe as before.

It is a special life fantasy journey containing time, space, human beings, and animals. In the six-hour script, the protagonists, confused by the significance of life, travel from the mountains of Yunnan Province to Manhattan, India, and New York. They experience many disasters during the journey. As survivors, they are still searching for the meaning of life and even want to find the legendary pure land.

At the press conference, the tour date and billing date of Ago in Hangzhou were announced. Audiences can enjoy the performance in the Hangzhou Grand Theater in November.

Time: 19:00, November 22-23

Venue: Opera House, Hangzhou Grand Theater

Price: 380/580/980/1680/2180/2680 yuan

Author:  Editor:Wang Jian