New coffee shops with different concepts debut in HZ
Hangzhou News   2021-08-30 14:41   Source:City Express

Various coffee shops are open in Hangzhou in recent years. Some are dedicated to coffee, while others are good at making concepts.

Rea. Vintage is a famous second-hand shop located on North Zhongshan Road. Recently, it opened its second shop on Yanan Road to sell coffee. The first floor was designed as a living room with luxury bags and clothes. The coffee shop is set on the second floor with the same pink and checkerboard design as the first floor. The coffee design is closer to the Chanel style. It is best known for its camellia lattes and camellia mousse. The mousse is shaped like a camellia, while the milk in the latte is frozen into a camellia shape and topped with espresso.

Lingo is a fashion shop integrating coffee, craft brewing, and men's haircut. The barber section is at the back of the shop, which will open soon. The craft section is in the middle, with 12 taps to order from the beer menu. The outermost is the coffee area. People can enjoy pour-over coffee and select coffee bean by themselves.

Black Label is similar to Rea. Vintage's new store, which is a cross between a second-hand shop and a coffee shop. The quality of coffee here is mediocre, and cakes in the store are bought from outside.

Artisan's Feast·Hokkaido Café is a Japanese cafe that specializes in Japanese pour-over coffee. Besides coffee, the shop also sells some Hokkaido food and spices.

Author:Fang Jinyi  Editor:Wang Jian