Musical Life and Death Lots to hit HZ stage
Hangzhou News   2021-08-11 09:12   Source:City Express

The musical 'Life and Death Lots' is the first works that is formed and commercialized from the 77 original works of the 'Chinese Original Musical Collection Incubation Program" of SAIC Shanghai Culture Square.

The musical combines the themes of 'lonely island' and 'campus'. 'Drawing lots' has been an important ritual in divination since the early Middle Ages. The play tells the story of 7 junior high students who are on a lonely island. While they are immersed in happiness, snacks and games, the danger comes quietly. A huge flood is about to drown the island, and the escape boat could only hold four people. They enter the ruined temple and use 'drawing lots' to decide their destiny. The lucky lots become the life and death lots which determines which of them gets off the island alive.

Time: 19:30, September 14

Venue: Hangzhou Linping Grand Theatre

Price: 50/180/280/380 yuan

Author:Fang Jingyi   Editor:Wang Jian