Stan Lai‘s bedtime story ’Blue Horse' hit the stage
Hangzhou News   2021-08-11 08:22   Source:City Express

‘Blue Horse’, renowned Taiwanese director Stan Lai‘s first parent-child drama work, was performed at Hangzhou Grand Theatre last weekend. The inspiration of the play was taken from an improvisational bedtime story told by Lai himself. He told the story to his two daughters and later his granddaughter before they fell asleep.

The story is about a girl named Qiqi, who has a unique talent for the piano. Qiqi’s mother hopes that Qiqi could become a pianist, but Qiqi is more interested in writing songs. 

One day, an injured winged horse appears outside Qiqi’s window. Qiqi secretly looks after it and sings songs to it. The horse takes Qiqi back to its hometown, where everything is gray. People who live there have no idea what they truly desire. Qiqi decides to save the horse’s hometown and spares no effort to sing.

The most important part of the performance of ‘Blue Horse’ is the appearances of the young actors. After early selection, these young actors could stand on the stage in Hangzhou Grand Theater and brought the theme song ‘We Need a Voice’. 

Lai believes that kids have their special talents. Parents should not teach kids in their way but guide them properly. The story of ‘Blue Horse’ is not only for kids but also for the parents and adults who do not yet have children.

Author:Fang Jingyi   Editor:Wang Jian