First sound museum opened at Wulin Intime
Hangzhou News   2021-07-14 19:55   Source:City Express

Intime shopping centre, together with radio stations FM93 and FM104.5, have launched the first "Sound Museum" in Hangzhou Wulin Intime.

A part of the source of the sound museum is from the programme FM104.5—— Story of the City. The founder of the programme, Wu Yan, is a Hangzhou native. She took the interview machine and recorded more than 100 piece of sound of Hangzhou, which includes the sound of a road, a snack, a scenic spot and one kind of transportation. You will be able to experience the changes of Hangzhou and local life through the sound.

The other part was provided by Shen Yihan, a post-1995 sound artist, and Luo Xinling, a graduate student. In recent years, they have been focusing on recording the sound of Hangzhou with a small tape recorder, leaving nearly a hundred sound files.

"Two years ago, we went to the Maolangxiang farmer's market. We were attracted by the noisy atmosphere. It was mingled with Hangzhou dialect on a bargain, the sound of fish and the sound of Alipay. We named it the ‘cyber market’, which represented the memory of digital development in Hangzhou."

"We hope that sound can be used to explore the public memory of Hangzhou, so that everyone in the city can stop for a while and find a moment of peace," said the curator.

Author:Fang Jingyi  Editor:Wang Jian