Some cyber celebrity Zongzi Shops are selling in limited batches
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2021-06-04 14:46   Source:City Express

As the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, buying Rice Puddings (Zongzi) is a must have agenda. In addition to buying them in supermarkets, there are many cyber celebrity Zongzi shops in Hangzhou, which have become Hangzhou locals' first choices.

Zhouping Zongzi Shop: Purchase Restrictions Start

Zhou Ping Zongzi Shop, located at No. 17, Chenghuang pailou Lane, has begun its sale in limited batches since June 1.

When people enter the door, they will see a small whiteboard, which reads:

Dear new and old customers, the Dragon Boat Festival is coming; due to the limits of my physical strength, the supply of Zongzi will be limited to 300 every day, each customer can only purchase 10 (We do not accept reservations).

Zhouping's Zongzi is known for its fullness with bulging rice and meat tightly wrapped up with threads. The boss said he can pack a Zongzi in half a minute in the morning, but it takes him 1 minute to pack up in the afternoon because he does not have enough strength.

The best-seller in the shop is the medium meat zongzi (10 yuan per piece), while the younger ones like the meat zongzi with egg yolk (12 yuan per piece) more.

Wangrong Zongzi Shop: Zongzi Still Can Be Delivered These Days

Located on the ground floor of No.18 Building, Pujia new village, Wangrong Zongzi shop is selling Zongzi in an orderly way. The shop owner's son, Mr Zheng, advised people to order Zongzi as soon as possible: "You can buy all kinds of Zongzi these days, and we provide express delivery services."

Wangrong's Zongzi is divided into seven categories: Zongzi with egg yolk and pork, Zongzi with chestnut and pork, Zongzi with pork, Zongzi with bean paste, Zongzi with honey date, Zongzi with salty red bean, simple rice Zongzi. Zongzi with chestnut and pork is almost sold out, but other Zongzi are still available these days.

Author:  Editor:Zhang Di