China Craft Week kicks off in HZ with top creations from worldwide
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2021-05-28 14:26   Source:City Express

The annual China Craft Week returns tomorrow (May 28) in Hangzhou C-Box Center with performances and state-of-the-art crafts from all over the world.

The venue will accommodate different pavilions with each featuring a theme, while glass and ceramic and crystal artworks from Italy, Czech Republic, Germany and Japan will be presented throughout the display.

To give you an idea of what the brands are. Here is a list of the highlights:

Themed with “Bamboo Forest”, a large-scale glass sculpture by Sheng Shanshan, a Chinese visual artist, will be displayed. It is marriage of Chinese culture and Sheng’s handmade Murano glass.

Rony Plesl, a famous designer from Czech Republic uses traditional craft and glassmaking techniques in an entirely contemporary way, lending its brand, the Krakatit, to an immortal value.‎

Choosing the right and beautifully designed ceramic dinnerware will better feed your artistic appetite.

Make your every-day meal more entertaining with using the ceramic plates and cups from China and Japan.

The “Red Dot Award” winner, also one of the largest glass manufacturers in Europe -- Sisecam, will make its debut in the exhibition.

In addition to the display, the event will encompass over 20 workshops where you will have hand-on learning with top craft masters.

The exhibition will conclude on Children’s day (June 1). You may scan the code to get an early bird ticket!

You may take whichever bus shown below to the venue:


Author:  Editor:Zhang Di